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    Monday, June 5, 2017   /   by Larry Steinbacher

    Ways to Advertise and Promote Your Home

    Using Floor Plans in Your Marketing Strategy
    Though having high-quality photos and a well written description of each room in your home are critical components to your listing, having a professional floor plan will also help to step your game up when advertising and promoting your home.
    The size and overall layout home is one of the most, if not the most overall, important selling feature when you have your home listed on the market.
    If you're looking to add further credibility to your home, then having readily available floor plans is the perfect way to do it when selling your home.
    The added credibility comes from both the buyer and the seller knowing that the listing has been specially handled by a professional, and over the fact that everything is literally laid out properly for the buyer.
    Using a 3D Interactive Floor Plan
    A floor plan can be so much more than just using numbers, basic geometry, and legal confirmation for the claimed size of the home in order to grab a se ...

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